Footage of Canford Bottom roundabout captured by the Daily Echo drone.

9.04am Thursday 22nd January 2015, Posted By H. Rackham

IT is no laughing matter for a lot of motorists. But Vinod Chakrapani has seen the funny side of the Canford Bottom Roundabout, commonly known as the ‘Hamburger roundabout’ for its number of junctions. And he’s created and put up a Mr Bean poster at the busy Wimborne site to cheer up passing drivers.

Mr Chakrapani, owner of Uthara Print, said: “I love Mr Bean and children of all ages do as well. He has always brought a smile to my kids’ faces through his acts in movies and on the television. “I thought it was a great opportunity to honour and pay respect to such a great artist if we used his photo, with one of the acts in his movie causing accidents in a race.”

He claimed that it is not easy to steer around the roundabout during office and school hours and very often there are traffic jams and accidents being reported. “Although lots of hard work and effort has been put in by the people who have designed and built the roundabout, unfortunately it is still complex to use.

“Hence it says ‘Mr Bean’s roundabout, please drive carefully’. It puts a smile on their faces while they are stressed.” Cllr Susan Davies, Chairman of Colehill Parish Council’s Highways and Plans Committee, said: “I think that a lot of people would agree that it is like Mr Bean’s roundabout.

Canford Bottom roundabout

“For some, the roundabout is an absolute nightmare.” Cllr Davies said that she knows from motorists’ comments that the roundabout does and has caused problems and traffic issues. “However, I know that people are aware of the poster and it has caused a bit of amusement.”

Cllr Robin Cook, chairman of East Dorset District Council, said that it is nice to see someone with a sense of humour. He added: “The problem with the roundabout is that it has been designed on a desktop and doesn’t take into account driver behaviour, which I have seen and leaves a lot to be desired sometimes.”

WORK to update the Canford Bottom roundabout started in October 2011 as part of a Highways Agency scheme. The aim was that under the Olympic network in 2012, traffic would be able to travel from Heathrow to Weymouth in two hours 46 minutes during peak time and two hours 20 minutes off-peak.

However, local businesses expressed outrage at the time of the £5.6million works, due to planned road closures along four local roads. The new design, picked from nine different options, featured new signposts, road markings, traffic lights and safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists to the congested junction.